A collaborative approach tailored to meet your organization's objectives
We offer a portfolio-wide perspective to risk management and energy marketing, delivering value to our clients in energy management, hedging of market risks, and asset optimization.

  • We customize an approach that is focused on you. What sets us apart is our understanding of your needs and our commitment to your success. Our portfolio management team sits with you to understand your utility’s unique opportunities and risks, models your systems using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and then brings our breadth and depth of market experience to create strategies that help you succeed.
  • We employ an integrated approach. The energy landscape is changing and “siloed” operations are no longer adequate to keep up with the changing times. To remain competitive, your portfolio management program must follow suit. We evaluate your portfolio across timelines, commodities, and functions to deliver comprehensive strategies for your utility.
  • We are results-oriented. We help you meet your organization’s performance and risk management goals by developing risk mitigation strategies with specific recommendations for transactions and techniques appropriate for your risk tolerances and policies. Practical strategies are delivered with detailed explanations for your management team and results are based on agreed-upon measures that are important to you.

Benefit from the full value of your Advanced Meter Infrastructure
Using smart meter data, we can work with your team to develop solutions to problems around meter health, grid operation and planning, forecasting, rates, and demand management. Smart meters collect vast amounts of data but most utilities are unable to process it in a way that leads to better management decisions. Let us help you turn your data into information, information into insight, and insight into action. Our Connected Analytics services include:

  • Analysis and insight using your existing data infrastructure
  • Better management of the enterprise based on data-driven decisions
  • Improved customer satisfaction through segmentation and communication personalization
  • Improved operational reliability through monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Expanded operational efficiencies through improved planning and execution

Managing complexity in ever-changing RTO markets
We work with you to develop strategies that optimize an approach in RTO markets – returning real cost reductions and maximizing revenues while adhering to your specific risk policy objectives. We then execute those strategies with a focus on operational excellence to ensure your goals are met. Our RTO services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Transmission planning and procurement
  • Congestion rights optimization and management
  • Generation optimization
  • Load forecasting and procurement
  • Measurement and improvement

Optimizing resources in the bilateral market
We provide a full suite of planning and trading services to help you manage your resources in bilateral energy markets throughout the U.S. With our experienced staff, we provide measurable value through state-of-the-art software and analytics, deep market knowledge, and constant monitoring in a cost-effective manner. Our clients receive best-practice trading at a fraction of a self-build cost. 

Bilateral Service Suite

  • Strategy development and optimization
  • Daily generation and load forecasting
  • Settlement estimation and analysis
  • Price discovery and trade execution
  • Credit monitoring and management
  • Market monitoring and analysis
  • Transmission planning and procurement

Timing is critical to the successful utilization of your assets
We provide full power supply management services to ensure that you derive the value of your assets in real time by identifying market risks and opportunities and executing strategies to suit your needs. Services include:

  • Renewable integration
  • Generation dispatch modeling
  • Hydro optimization
  • Nominations and scheduling
  • Generation P&L reporting
  • Settlement services

Let us be your trusted advisor
An independent strategic perspective is invaluable to decision makers working to successfully navigate through a future filled with uncertainties. Leveraging our experience operating in U.S. energy markets, we work with you to add value to your decision making process by offering independent perspective, strategic advice, and rigorous supporting analysis.

  • Counterparty credit risk assessments
  • Long-term load forecasting
  • Power supply planning
  • LMP market analysis
  • Risk policy development
  • Regulatory market monitoring
  • Budget development and financial analysis
  • Change management